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26-10-15, 14:33
Our garden is over-grown, and. Ow unmanageable. My dad was intending to sort it out but he has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

My mum has been ill herself, they are still unsure what is wrong but she is being treated as if she has had a stroke. She has double vision and other problems with her eyes, can not focus properly and is struggling to do even basic things.

I too have disabilities and wouldn't be able to do the garden.

Are we entitled to any help?! :/

27-10-15, 03:41
I would contact your council, and Age UK, and CAB to ask about volunteer gardeners / gardening schemes.

Most areas of the country have volunteers who go round once or twice a week and look after gardens for elderly and disabled people.
You will usually get the same person all the time.
Often you are also helping them as they have no garden of their own.

Just one charitable organisation in Nottingham who might help you, (and you help them) but may need a small payment:

27-10-15, 11:52
Thank you, mum has spent the last week trying to find information out, the council wanted a payment of around £500, which we just don't have!

One of my friends has offered to do it for us, but again, that would cost us, saying that...I'd rather have somebody that I know outside my house :/

27-10-15, 13:27
Many also have schemes where school leavers are learning trades (including gardening), and will come out and complete the work at a lot less than what a professional gardener would charge. They usually have one experienced gardener overseeing it all to ensure they do a good job.

Will cost a little, but much less than paying a professional gardener.

27-10-15, 15:01
Our garden is literally like a jungle - in fact, I'm pretty sure they might do a wildlife documentary there! Lol.

27-10-15, 15:59
If you have a volunteer centre try them, they may have people on their books willing to do gardening for those unable to cope.

29-10-15, 10:32
I have been asking around..so far, nobody is willing to help.

Apparently they expect a family member to do it.

My auntie is also disabled and my uncle is unable to do it as he's unaware of danger. (Severe learning disabilities)

29-10-15, 23:29
Could you ask your neighbors if they would be able to help you with your lawn work? A close friend? Or perhaps a kid from down the street, as I know when I was younger I would go mow people's lawns for $5 or so, and some of those lawns the weeds and grass were taller than me! Just a thought.

30-10-15, 00:06
Don't know if your mum found this one in Nottingham, volunteer gardeners do seem harder to find than I expected

Another idea may be to ask the manager at some local garden centres, I'm not suggesting that they will help themselves but they may have some contacts.
Volunteer groups have to get their gardening tools and supplies from somewhere.

31-10-15, 09:08
Try AgeUK they run a scheme to assist elderly and disabled people do this sort of work. Yes you have to pay, but less than you would for a contractor.
If its a massive task, you not gonna get it done for free. Ask around, look on FB, get a few quotes. Thing is with a professional, they WILL take all that overgrowth AWAY.
I just paid £400 on my garden and it was worth it. The guys did great job and removed 2 and 1/2 tons of rubble. No way was the council EVER coming to shift that!

31-10-15, 09:50
I must admit I hunted for ages to get someone to do my garden. It needed landscaping and making accessible for me so I could in the main look after it.
I was prepared to pay for materials and labour. There were no takers.

In the end I got our local garden centre to do it. Had to pay full whack and I have a large garden. That was only possible because I had been willed some money. I daren't say what it cost but because of that money I didn't do things for the cheapest as I was intending to keep costs down.

06-11-15, 13:26
We seem to be getting somewhere! Somebody from the council is coming out to assess the situation. She wants to talk to me, mum and dad and of course, she wants proof that we are unable to do it ourselves :)

06-11-15, 13:49
Hopefully you will get some joy. Sight of you all should be proof enough. Good luck

06-11-15, 15:40
You might just have a willing volunteer living around the corner.

Place a heart warming ad on this website and see what happens . . .


20-11-15, 12:59
You should get some sort of help, we did. We had a lovely man come from the council who helped us all day.

27-11-15, 11:14
Good luck with the council.

I've heard of Streetlife but forgot about it! Cheers@lighttouch.

Sometimes grants are available, http://grants-search.turn2us.org.uk.

Local horticultural clubs might be willing to help (see garden centres and nurserys nearby etc.

03-12-15, 21:19
when the warmer weather is hear ill show you how I keep my grass trim you will laugh (basically a normal lawnmower with a big heavy slap of concrete strapped to the front so I can walk up and down the garden leaning on it) you would think they would make a lawn mower heavily weighted on the front for people that need to lean on something to do that much walking :P

11-12-16, 09:18
I know this is an old thread but I was surprised to see that no one suggested getting in touch with the likes of Alan Titchmarsh et al.Tv programme makers love situations like this.