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24-10-15, 09:05
Looking for yet more advice. I have a couple of Chrysanthemums planted in tubs (the variety are the ones with small flowers) and they are like shrubs. They are beginning to die back now. If I cut them right back will they come again next year or do I have to plant new ones?

I intend to wrap the tubs in insulation for the winter to prevent them from cracking, would it make any difference if I covered the mums as well in the hope of preserving them.

My borders are still like forests but I want to plant daffodil and tulip bulbs. I am reluctant to remove the flowers as they are still flourishing. All I have read on the net says plant before the end of October but on the packets it says plant before the end of December. Which is correct? If it is October I will have to reluctantly thin these borders out which is such a shame.

25-10-15, 17:28
I've not had a huge amount of experiences with 'mum's'

RHS has this advice.. If its still warm, the months are usually a rough guide (our seasons seem to be a bit messed up).

I'm in the south and we've got the last of the roses and buddlia still flowering.

I've put bulbs in a lot later than it says on the packet, as long as they are in good condition and stored in a cool dry place might be able to plant later, depending on weather.

25-10-15, 17:40
Thank you, will cut them down and then cover them with insulation when I cover the pots and see what happens. Trial and error.

I suppose I could put the bulbs in later, once the forest has died down and can be removed. Such a shame to remove the plants when they are still flourishing. I just thought that if I put them in later they may not flower next spring. I suppose if they don't they will always be there for the following year.
One harsh frost and the plants already in will die back rapidly.

26-10-15, 07:41
I've put bulbs in as late as early Jan and they come up ok. It's generally recommended not to put tulip bulbs in before November anyway.

26-10-15, 08:31
Thank you, that is good to know. Trial and error is the way for me as never really done any gardening before. This garden is my project after I had it made accessible for me. Prior to that it was a very large expanse of grass only. Looking forward to seeing the results of my efforts.

Going to cut the mums back this afternoon then cover them with insulation as the frosts appear and see what happens.