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16-09-15, 00:47
I work for a supermarket, but normally work the petrol station. ( booth that only dealt with fuel) .. After hip replacement two years ago, went back to work six weeks later and after seeing OH.... They promised a chair to suit my needs... Never materialised.
Now we are being made into a shop, with more stock and staff than before. I loved my job, as it wasn't as many customers as instore.all those people freak me out and feel self conscious if I have to walk, pain generally shows through.
The thing is... Out HR dept are making me get assessed for a job I know... Making it sound like it will be so much more work... And promising amazing things.. But only if I take a checkout job!!!.. Decent chair just for me ( never happened last time) and assessment on my work area.
But what really pissed me off was one of my colleagues saying she would not be carrying people with disabilities and then handed a doctors letter to say she can't lift heavy stuff!. I think she should be assessed too ... So theykeep putting me on a checkout....moving cases of drink with a sore shoulder and hip probs, is not fun. I feel like just giving up