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24-08-15, 08:06
Hello all,

I was on DLA for depression, anxiety and agoraphobia until 2011.
I was getting hassled and made to feel guilty about receiving benefit and I wanted to work so I sold my modest property and invested some money into working online. It failed.

I have about ?7000 left to live on and am not on any benefits.

I would like to work.

What is the correct procedure? Is there any chance I will be able to get training?

24-08-15, 10:40
You could try claim ESA, I would suggest you post in the benefits forum to get answers on your benefit questions

24-08-15, 11:23
What is the correct procedure? Is there any chance I will be able to get training?

Hi Linda,

I think you need to expand a bit more.

The 'correct procedure' to do what?
Claim benefits? if so which one(s), DLA, PIP, ESA, JSA, others?

What kind of training are you looking for?
Local schools and colleges offer a wide range of courses that will give you qualifications and/or experience.
Most courses charge a fee but some, usually including Maths and English GCSE, are free.

Other training providers offer courses in particular industries and businesses, nearly all of these will have a fee.

Other things that may help us to help you-
What was your online business, this was obviously something you wanted to do?
Would you like to do somthing similar or totally different?
Roughly what age group are you in?

25-08-15, 08:32
Thank-you for the replies.

I would like to get a full time job.
Ideally I would love to be able to work from home but have been conned out of money a couple of times and been unable to find anything genuine.

I am in my late forties and do have basic qualifications like Maths and English but would like to go on a training course in the hope of finding a better job.

My attempt at working for myself from home was trading Forex. Any future work does not need to be related to that.

I have many interests including Forensic science, history, Audiology, Optician and lots more but wont get a look in because of the lack of specialised qualifications so I would be limited to applying for a job at Tesco or something similar. Even that would probably prove difficult because my CV will be non existent, last 3-4 years failed business, before that out of work an on DLA for 10 years.

I will not be able to support myself and take a training course so was hoping I could be trained but I get the idea from your reply that I would need to pay for it.

25-08-15, 09:09
if you are fit for work then you can apply for JSA.

Hopefully as part of your job seekers agreement they would help you with your CV and perhaps training courses.

There are two kinds of JSA - contribution based JSA (based on class 1 NI contributions for the last two tax years) which I am presuming that you would not be eligible for (you pay class 2 when self employed) and income based JSA which is means tested and therefore any partner's income/savings/capital as well as your own would be taken into account.

So if you are single and have no other source of income/capital then apply for JSA.

Or you can look for jobs yourself and find some courses/training that would be suitable for you.

25-08-15, 10:44
Hi Linda, wow a trader. I am an investor in the Stock Market not a trader - too risky. I prefer to have a longer term strategy so invest in boring companies that pay dividends and reinvest the dividends - not very exciting as I don't tinker so no trading fees to eat into profits.

If you were to apply for PIP remember it's non-means tested so even if you work you can receive it.

I Work. I'd suggest that you register with a temps agency as a secretary / admin person perhaps. You would gain valuable experience working for different organisations.

You need to network and spread your name about - join 'Linkedup' website.

Have you ever thought about the 3rd sector - e.g. Charities. It sounds like you have some gey up and go. Why don't you set up a Charity or not-for-profit organisation that solves a local problem. There are loads of Charitable Trusts happy to donate money to the right cause.

Having savings might be an issue if you are trying to claim means-tested benefits - I'm sure people can advise.

You're still young with a bright future ahead of you as you have enthusiasm.

Remember HR departments look at CVs all the time - the key to finding the right person for the job is to look at qualities. They are really looking for things like
- being a team player
- fexibility
- are you a self-starter
- willingness to learn and develop
. . . most orther things about a job can be trained.

Keep us posted with what plans you are thinking about - I'm happy to assist.

Good luck

25-08-15, 15:19
Even that would probably prove difficult because my CV will be non existent, last 3-4 years failed business, before that out of work an on DLA for 10 years.

What you need in this case is a different kind of CV, probably a "Skills Based CV".

Most of us of 'a certain age' tend to think of a CV as what is called a "Careers Based CV" or "Performance CV" where you list your previous jobs and achievements, but there are other types.

A "Skills Based CV" or "Functional CV" concentrates not on what jobs you have had, but on what skills you have to bring to a new job.
There are loads of examples and templates out there on the web, choose one you like and customise it with your details.

There are also other types of CV that may be more suitable for certain job applications; take a look here for some ideas:

As far as training goes then yes, most training that leads to a qualification will need to be paid for.

But check your local schools, colleges, and council websites for adult education courses.
Some will be free - some will cost, but if you are out of work or claiming certain benefits then fees can be reduced by up to 75%, or for some courses waived altogether.

If you are feeling brave you can ask at the Jobcentre, you don't have to be out of work to use the Jobcentre.

Just one last point, it seems that you gave up your DLA yourself?
Have you considered claiming PIP?
This could give you some financial stability and could be used to fund your training, especially as it would probably qualify you for a discount on the course fee.

26-08-15, 14:43
Thank-you for the replies.

I will always have mental health issues, anxiety, difficulty in social situations, desire to stay at home etc.
Since signing off income support and DLA in 2011 I have locked myself away spending very long hours studying and trying to be profitable trading Forex so that I could support my simple life and not feel bad about staying at home.
That did not work out and I lost money.

I moved to another area in March and have not been to see a Dr until last week as I have had a splitting headache for 3 weeks, I have a CAT scan appointment in a couple of weeks.

Regarding what lindyloo said about JSA, you are correct that I did not pay any class 1 N/I, I am single and have no other form of income. My total savings are around £7000. Is that over or under the allowed amount to receive JSA?

Lighttouch, you are wise to invest long term. The fees of daytrading, commission and spread eats away at the funds.
I see that PIP has taken the place of DLA. I remember the 2 huge forms that needed filling in and support from the Dr's. I am not currently on any medication for my mental health issues. I would find networking difficult due to my anxiety and social awkwardness.

Nukecad, thanks for the CV tips and templates.
I did give up DLA myself, I had been preparing trading on a demo account for a few months which was going ok.
I was sent a letter from DWP telling me I was going to be investigated, they then sent another letter telling me the case was dropped. The whole thing scared me so much that I decided to sign off and sell my home so that I could invest some funds in Forex. Soon after I signed off and had the property on the market I realised the trading method I was doing OK at would not last and soon lost all the demo gains. Back to square one. Nothing I tried worked long term.

27-08-15, 08:54
You can apply for income based JSA now.

Savings under £6000 are disregarded. Savings between £6000 and £16000 mean a deduction each week of £1 for every £250 or part of for any amount over the £6000 so you would lose about £4/5 from your JSA.

Income based JSA is a 'passported' benefit so will give you automatic entitlement to Housing Benefit (housing costs/Support for Mortgage Interest after 13 weeks) and Council Tax reduction according to your personal circumstances.

When you apply for JSA they will take all the necessary details from you. You can apply on line. (google!) It could be that your area has begun Universal credit in which case when you apply you will be directed to apply for this.

Come back if you have any further questions about the benefit side of things and I'll try and help.