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19-08-15, 14:34
Question for the keen gardeners
I am a novice gardener and now my garden has been made accessible for me am having a bash at it.
I unearthed my daffodil bulbs from the pots and put them to dry in the greenhouse. They are now dry and I have rubbed the compost off. Many of them have now got 2 or 3 attached bulbs, can I split them into 2 or 3, depending on how many there are or do I have to leave them as they are. Don't want to ruin them as they were a gift from a dear friend.

I intend to plant them in my raised borders in Octoberish.

20-08-15, 10:54
You can split em, but they will be smaller. Best to buy some new ones....£1 shop, or wilkos do some real good ones cheap!

20-08-15, 11:06
Thank you RD.
Do I split them now to let the adjoining side dry out?
They were bought me by a dear friend so I want to keep them. I will need to buy more as there are nowhere near enough to fill my raised border. Was thinking about getting some snowdrops and crocuses too.

Sorry for the seemingly stupid questions but this is the 1st time I have had a proper accessible garden to play with that I can really have a go at.

Looking forward to seeing the results of my amateurish efforts.

20-08-15, 11:15
Just a few photos of my new accessible garden, now flat,, had about 100 ton of soil taken away.

20-08-15, 11:37
Don't know whether the photos have been successful in posting.

20-08-15, 16:55
Very nice! That must have cost a few pounds, I just had two and half tonnes of rubble removed and the cost was £400. I'm not expert in dividing bulbs so will let others answer one!

20-08-15, 17:17
We are not wealthy, spending my mother's legacy so that we have something to see for it and to enjoy.
The house will be our daughter's eventually so it has not been wasted.

20-08-15, 19:11
This looks great. Hope you're pleased and it's worked out how you wanted? Lovely way to spend some money left by your mum.

I'm no expert, for sure, but I'd plant them not separated as then I think you'll have a little cluster of 2/3 together and I think that looks nice. Hopefully there's someone who knows!

I also recommend Wilko bulbs, very reasonably priced. I was really happy with some tulips I planted last November, they did so well and were much admired. I'm lucky I've got a border that's raised, albeit not nearly as accessible as yours, but I can still get at it.

20-08-15, 19:16
Along with the daffodils, crocus, snow drops, I forgot all about tulips.
Will be having a shopping spree for bulbs as soon as they come into the shops, and yes, more than likely Wilkos.

20-08-15, 19:27
Love buying bulbs but always forget that they all come out at different times. On the packets they have nice photos of a mixture of bulbs.

Already told you I'm not an expert, but I had a few goes at buying snowdrop bulbs and they never appeared. Then someone gave me some snowdrops in flower from their garden. I planted them at mine, and they've spread really well. Don't know if this always happens but it might be worth trying if the bulbs don't grow.

Exciting! It's lovely having space to plant new things, and you've probably got tiptop "new" soil too.

20-08-15, 20:55
I think they put compost in the border so it should be fine with a bit of feed for next year.

13-09-15, 12:02

You could certainly divide them, but the smaller bulbs 'may' not flower in the same year until they have matured.

Snowdrops are one of the bulbs I'd suggest buying 'in the green' or starting in pots and planting out, they are also easier to divide when green (after flowering). I've also had less suggests with snowdrops from bulbs (although quality and health of bulbs may account for it).


13-09-15, 17:36
Thank you, I have left the daffodil bulbs as is unless they fell apart whilst I was cleaning the compost off. Bought more too, to put in later this year when the present border is beginning to die off.
Someone bought be some snowdrop bulbs so do you suggest starting them off in pots later this year and once they are sprouting to plant them out.

I need so many bedding plants that I have bought seeds, seed trays and a greenhouse heater to try and grow my own.
As I have said I am a total novice but now my garden has been made accessible for me I intend to try my best to do everything myself except of course, cutting the grass and hedges.

Next year will tell if I have green fingers or not. :)

I can see me coming back and asking for yet more advice in the future.

14-09-15, 07:55
Does anyone know where I can buy some native british daffodil bulbs? not sure exactly what is available but this year I'd like to plant some more unusual ones and fly the flag for native british flowers. I'm also trying to get some winter aconites but can't seem to find any in garden centres?

14-09-15, 17:03
@catlover Certainly:

You could try The Daffodil Society http://thedaffodilsociety.com

They list a number of suppliers (I'd avoid Bakker unless you want to be bombarded with junk mail and 'lucky ticket' style offers.

Croft 16 (holds the Plant Heritage National Collection) see list of suppliers. Actually tempted by some myself:D


The bigger online seed companies, Thompson and Morgan, Suttons etc may well do them.

I haven't been in a garden centre lately but most are getting ready for the Xmas season, then onto spring/easter straight after. You might find a nursery better than a general garden centre, if you have one near by:)

14-09-15, 17:06
Love that.. Err @reddivine, I think we need some more planks to go up in the world?

17-09-15, 17:06
Love that.. Err @reddivine, I think we need some more planks to go up in the world?

Ah well at the moment my garden is all on one level.....