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15-08-15, 06:26
Good morning all last week I was called to a sickness absence review letter said and iv never been off so found this upsetting to cut it down there was my line manager, the matron, OH ,union rep and HR 5 years ago I was told I didn't need to do basic life support training due to nerve damage in hands now under new management there saying if I don't do it I will be redeployed I work in outpatients dept so I am never alone In the department we had a patient had heart attack 4 weeks ago and I sorted out the family and cleared dept of other patients HR and the Matron were horrible and made me feel like a criminal showed no remorse at all I love my job but feel it slipping away OH we're not.any support either I broke down sobbing as I love my job and have even gone to work feeling unwell my blood sugar dropped to 1.1 few weeks ago despite feeling very ill I carried on working I'm feeling discriminated can anyone help

15-08-15, 09:40
Hi Mary,

Sorry, I can see that you are a bit emotional about all this, but you post was a bit difficult to read.
Line spaces and paragraphs always make things easier to read.

From what I can understand it seems that you have recently had a change of management at work, and they are now being awkward about your condition with nerve damaged hands.
Your reference to blood sugar levels may also indicate that you have diabetes?

Unfortunately this is seen all too often.
A company gets taken over and the new managment want to redue the workforce and/or bring in new systems of working.
Instead of paying redundancy money they will try to 'get rid' of anyone who has any kind of health issue.

In the current employment climate there is not a lot that we can do about this.
(I've been there, gone through that, didn't even get a Tee shirt when the terminated my contract on health grounds).
The unions, OH, and HR recognise this powerlessness which is why they seem to be unhelpful - there is not a lot that they can do to help.

You seem to have a few choices though:

Do the training they are asking for, if you can manage it.
Accept the redeployment they are talking about. (you don't say just what this is?).
Look for a similar job with another company. (and say goodbye to your new management).
Go through the motions until they end your contract on health grounds and then try claiming ESA. (This process will be stressful, I've been through it).

Sorry I can't give you any easier answer, maybe someone else can offer some further advice.

15-08-15, 10:31
Hi Can I please ask are you employers a private company or the NHS