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13-07-15, 12:40
Hello everyone,

I have been on ESA for over 3 years, I suffer PTSD and Scoliosis. Recently my entitlement has been suspended, due to lack information supporting my part-time university course which was completed in 2014.

I have provided the information DWP requested for my entitlement to continue, I was assured it would once the correct documents were submitted.

After 3 weeks and many discussions with various benefit offices up and down the country, I have been notified that case has been referred to a "Decision-maker" to review and make their evaluation.

I have also been informed that there is no timeframe for a decision to be made. I asked if it could be longer than 3 months, I was told it may do.

I have read horrific stories about people committing suicide after they have had their benefits suspended and/or been sanctioned.

I find it appalling that there are DWP workers hiding under guise of Decision-Maker whom have no regard to the awful injustice they dish out on a daily basis. They are effectively making decisions that have detrimental repercussions on the weak and vulnerable.

I would like to hear from others who have been in similar or (I hate to think) worse scenario(s).
I am currently researching the possibility of producing a documentary to make the public more aware of what I feel is the ?War on Welfare? by the current government.

All replies are welcome. Thank you for reading.