View Full Version : No bonus or cost of living pay rise

25-06-15, 17:30
i am a 40 year old disabled man. I work for one of the banks which became government owned after the banking crisis, I have been employed by this company for 15 years. This week all employees in the company received notification of their annual bonus and pay rise. I was upset to have got neither. I had a stroke when aged 4 which means I am unable to meet the work rate of my colleagues. This seems so unfair as In the news recently, the Tory government are saying that it pays to be in work than on benefits. At present I am struggling financially as my outgoings far exceed my income. I need help! Neil

25-06-15, 18:09
Welcome to normality dare I say.

Not everyone is entitled to pay increases or bonuses. And if we think about it banks have been ripping off customers for decades - just look at the PPI scandals!

Have you taken out critical illness insurance by any chance. My physio has MS and four years ago he cancelled this cover having acquired MS but still worked full time.

It just so happened that a broker was trying to sell him this same cover. The broker suggested that he put in a back claim for injuries. Without any hassle the company honoured his illness and paid out £45,000 even though he still works!

In your position I'd vote with my feet and look for another job - employment is two way - if you don't like the new terms and conditions leave!