View Full Version : Tatton Park - end of May

31-05-15, 19:56
Yesterday I decided to visit our local National Trust Park to look at the colourful shrubs - Rhodedendrums - hope that's spelt right.
Hired a rugged four wheeled 'Shoprider' scooter and managed to tip it over with me still attached. Luckily a number of passing tourists righted me and scooter while still in seated position - don't ask! A Japanese bride, groom, photographer plus assistants got me going.

You never know I might be on Youtube by now!

Here's a flavour of the formal gardens near the superb Japanese garden.


05-10-15, 06:54
Your shared image is very amazing. Heide Park is my favorite Park. I enjoy there incredible natural elements like greenery ,different flowers , cool wind and shady trees. I am planning to visit this Park of the celebration in my birthday. I will suggest to you, you should travel to this Park.