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19-05-15, 12:56
Hi All,

As some may know from previous posts, my Mother was diagnosed terminally ill in March. Currently, Mum is in a fantastic hospice, where she has been for past fortnight for respite. When Mum was admitted we were advised that depending upon Mums future health and care needs, the 2 most likely scenarios were that Mum may have to be moved to a care/rest home or remain at hospice, for palliative care.

We have today been advised that due to Mums deterioration over the past 2 weeks, that Mum will remain in hospice, and it looks like palliative care will be imminent.

Mum has made preparations for her funeral (cremation). This will involve Mums ashes being 'laid to rest' alongside her Mother & Sister In Law, who were both buried & share a gravestone. We and other family members would like to place 1 of Mums favourite ceramic/pot ornaments/small statuette at headstone, and for this purpose am asking advice on possibility of/how to weatherproof such an item?

Is it a case of simply varnishing ornament or is there a specific treatment that would allow our wishes?

Many thanks.

22-05-15, 16:56
I'd first check that the graveyard? churchyard? allows such ornaments. If its just ceramic, I'd advise against it. There are folks who will nick stuff off graves, sorry to say. and a light ornament is liable to go.

22-05-15, 18:31
As Reddivine said just check with the church or ask the funeral directors who will know. You might think of scattering her ashes around the graves or alternatively the funeral directors will supply some of your mums ashes in an Urn of your choice.

Any small pots r statuettes won't last long outdoors due to freeze and thaw or hooligans. What about keeping these treasured items at home and perhaps plant a 'tree for life' - An Oak sapling will still be around in 600 years. We bought one for my dad and it's looked after for the next 25 years on special Memorial forest land. Just a thought

23-05-15, 08:13
You can't actually scatter ashes round graves. Sorry LT, but as part of my work in church, i know a bit about this. What you can have, in a churchyard, is Burial of Ashes. Ask the funeral director. http://www.scattering-ashes.co.uk/different-cultures/cremation-ashes-church-of-englands-stance/

23-05-15, 13:21
I think what spencer is asking is about a memorial ornament rather the the actual ashes.

I read the post as saying that the ashes will be burried in the existing plot, quite a common practice and the name is usually added to the existing headstone.
(We did this with our fathers ashes going into my mothers existing grave).

as the others mention theft or vandalism may be of more concern than weatherproofing, depends a lot on the location of the cemetery.
You should also check for permissions, some graveyards dont allow ornaments other than the headstone.

Practical weatherproofing advice, I would get hold of some clear fibreglass resin and dip/coat the item in that.
If its good enough for boats at sea it should be no problem inland.
Ask the supplier which would be best for coating the ornament, different ones will suit different surfaces.
Depending on the size of the ornament then a 1kg tin should be enough and should cost less than £10.

Heres just one link, there are plenty of others

23-05-15, 13:35
I painted my ornamental terracotta plant pots inside and out with that liquid that builders use for frost proofing concrete in the mix.
That was about 20 years ago now and they are still in good condition.