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23-04-15, 10:50
Hi all,

I'm a new member here, and am disabled myself (wheelchair/scooter user due to EDS and also have Asperger's). I'm researching disability and churches for a PhD in disability studies/sociology of religion. I'm keen to talk to any disabled people who have been to church, even if you don't go to church anymore or don't consider yourself a Christian anymore. I'm trying to find out more about the situation for disabled Christians (or former Christians), with regards to access, attitudes and ideas. Positive, negative or mixed experiences all very valuable.

I'm keen to make sure that everyone can take part, so there are a few different ways that people are getting involved - in-person meetings, Skype chats, or email conversations.

You can find out more about the research at the Uncovering the Roof blog (http://naomijacobs.wordpress.com/) or at the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/uncoveringtheroof). Or you can email me at naomi_jacobs@soas.ac.uk . Thanks so much to anyone who considers getting involved.

- Naomi

06-06-15, 06:15
OK, I'm up for it. I'm an active Christian, has MS and use a wheelchair most of the time. We have a listed building...St Michael's in Madeley and any changes to a CofE building have to go thru a loooong process.
We had a ramp fund but it was going to take thousands to put in a LA approved job. In the end we had an all-weather, removable ramp made from oak (VERY robust) and it takes wheelchairs, mobility scooters and thise wheeled walkers.
With aging congregations, many more of us have mobility problems.

06-06-15, 08:50
I'm an atheist or lapsed Christian. I believe in evolution and science but don't have an issue with anyone who enjoys religion.

My lodger is Catholic and keeps trying to get me to join her and visit her church as she knows I enjoy sing.

My beef is with terminology used. For instance her church were inviting all 'sick and handicapped' people to join in prayers. Well, I'm not sick and I don't march the streets, cap in hand, begging.

I don't think the scriptures do any favours for disabled people.

23-06-15, 15:49
Think your just finding beef there mate. Jesus healed a lot of people. Still does. Just cuz her church wasn't very Pc doesn't mean all are.
But I not gonna bang on @ belief cuz this ain't the place for it.