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23-04-15, 08:59

I am a 3rd year Product Design Engineering student. We are working on a project to design or re-design a mode of public transport to improve the experience of people with disabilities that will, in turn, improve the experience for all.

I am working on a project to re-design the interior of a bus to improve the experience for a wheelchair users. It would be very beneficial to get some insights and opinions from wheelchair users. I have a few questions I would like to ask. I would really appreciate it if you could be so kind as to answer my questions.

1. Do you think that there are adequate accessibility features on public transport right now?

2. What problems do you face on public transport?

3. In my design I am really concentrating on inclusive design - do you think wheelchair users feel excluded? What improvements could be made?

4. Could you briefly tell me about your worst experience on public transport?

5. In your opinion how could this be improved?

6. What do you feel about the "designated" wheelchair area - would you prefer to have a choice and sit anywhere on the bus?

7. Do you feel confident using public transport? Or if not how does using public transport make you feel?

Any other comments or thoughts about your experience on public transport would be amazing! Thank you!


Thank you very much! I really appreciate your time!

23-04-15, 09:59
Hi Matilda;

You might want to check out this link to a thread from last October where exactly the same question was asked, for the same design project.
(I guess its one of the choices on the standard university syllabus).
A lot of answers were given there.