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22-04-15, 10:11
Hi All

I have just booked myself an appointment with the local Volunteer Bureaux.
I don’t know what I would like to do; I am going hoping they can enlighten me with any opps?

I am wary (very) because the DWP might look at this as an opportunity to try and get me into work. Which is not a bad thing as I WANT a job, I but cannot hold down any employment.
I do like a good ole argument with them though because I am genuine (like the 99% of other people who are in my situ)

Have/has any other members in this group gone on to do voluntary, and if so how did you get on with the dreaded DWP?
Any help/advice/comments would be grateful?

Thank you

22-04-15, 10:35
Good for you Oldgrumpy,

I do a bit of voluntary work and I'm on various committees

Today I'm off in the city centre for a hygiene appointment and meeting a friend for a late lunch. In the morning I'm back in Manchester at the FabLab learning about 3D-printing. Its a course aimed at disabled people. It includes lunch and travel expenses and a great way to meet new people.

Just go for it - you only live once!

22-04-15, 10:36
Thank you Lighttouch

22-04-15, 10:54
Since when did you have to tell DWP what you do with your spare time? Your not getting paid for this work.

Many people on ESA take voluntary work as a way of seeing how they would cope with a working environment. this allows you to test something without the dreaded involvement of DWP. It'll allow you to see what your good at, and what you struggle with.

With regards specific opportunities, Id think to yourself what type of work appeals to you. Then have a look what is available. do-it.org would be a good place to have a look.

23-04-15, 09:55
Carl you need to inform the DWP if you are doing any type of work paid or unpaid that could be classed as fraud without disclosing that if found out...if it's unpaid then there's nothing to worry about

23-04-15, 10:07
From the govs. own leaflet on ESA and permitted work:

Any volunteer work you do needs to be reported. It normally doesnt affect your ESA.

Lighttouch - How much is that FabLab course costing you?
I ask because I was looking at the same thing at our local academy FabLab last year.
They wanted 60 pounds for the course, and that was discounted for ESA and JSA, and you needed to have google sketchup at home as well.

23-04-15, 14:23
Just got back in from Man Fablab committee after Starbucks lunch.

I'm not actually on a course but I'm on a steering group who are going to promote the Manchester FabLab to 18-25 year old disabled people in Salford.

The idea is to offer the skills needed by young disabled people to get 'ahead of the work game' and offer to train interested parties new skills for the future.

We're hitting 6 areas in Salford over 6 months. It's a kind of roadshow that will bring information to accessible venues for disabled people.



23-04-15, 16:56
In the past i have done voluntary office work for a national charity, and now I do admin work (voluntary) for my church. Keeps me sane and busy. i'm using skills and maybe getting new ones, helping ppl.
As to informing the DWP, it depends whether you are on JSA or ESA i think?

23-04-15, 20:10
I'm sure they both require notice of any form of paid or unpaid work also it's good to keep them in the loop that way there's no sudden payments stopped nor being asked to bring bank statements into a "meeting"

29-06-15, 08:40
You could see how you get on with the volunteering and try not to put yourself under any pressure. You might end up doing something that could turn into a job, and you feel that you would want to do and could stick with. You might just surprise yourself!