View Full Version : Hello everybody! I need help for my assigntment..!

08-04-15, 11:09
My name is Youssef, a student of the Avans University in The Netherlands. Currently I am researching the market regarding wheelchair clothes in The United States.

09-04-15, 15:46
We are mostly in the UK here.

09-04-15, 16:33
There are already threads about wheelchairs and clothing on this site, did you even try a search for say 'clothing'? Heres just one:

You might also want to post a link to your survey, you tend to get more answers that way.

10-04-15, 10:42
Thank you for your answers. I've looked on the threads and I think it will definitely help me with my assignment. Also my interview needs to be filled in so I added the link below. I hope there will be some people from the US who can fill it in. Any help is welcome.

This is the link to the survey

Thank you all very much!

13-04-15, 09:04
As i said you are asking for the USA residennts to fill this in. WE ARE MOSTLY IN THE UK