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07-04-15, 18:10
Do you know anybody who has had experience in the foster system or anybody who has fostered themselves? Or does none of this apply to you? Regardless please can you help by filling out this survey for my final major project on experience in the foster system. A variety of answers would help immensely with the research stage for this project! If you know anyone who has had experience with the system please share this to their page their views would be extremely beneficial! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PBG88M9

07-04-15, 23:34
I am a foster carer, but not mainstream, I am a kinship foster carer meaning I look after family. I still have to be registered with the local authorities, and have to complete all the trainining and standards of mainstream carers but I am only interested in caring for my grandchildren who would otherwise been placed with strangers ( mainstream) I have answered your survey and if you need any further help please pm me. Lee