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19-03-15, 19:36
Hi all. My name is Kieran and I'm an amateur photographer from Aberdeen. I'm posting in reference to a project I'm researching for at the moment, which aims to show people the trials and tribulations of disability. I would like to hear from some of you about the biggest struggles that you experience as someone with a disability (or working/living with someone with a disability) so that I can create thought-provoking images that will hopefully be seen by many people around the world.
At present, I am looking for general interest/inquiries from those of you who may be interested in helping me out with this. I just want to know your thoughts so that we can hopefully change peoples views/attitudes towards disability. If we can make one person more accepting then I'll be happy, but I hope that this project will influence many!!

You can reply to this thread or, if you prefer, can email me at kwhitphotography@gmail.com

20-03-15, 11:08
Let's see some positive images of disabled people

- in a working environment using technology

- in a social environment - say in a pub or eatery enjoying themselves

- doing sport like wheelchair tennis, archery, athletics, swimming etc

- using accessible public transport - wheelchair user boarding an accessible tram

- accessing a theatre suitable for hearing impaired people showing subtitles

- in places of education - young people interacting

- show a young disabled person in family environment

- show a disabled person boarding an aeroplane

I hope you will send us a link to flickr once your photos are taken!

20-03-15, 11:57


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA8inmHhx8c This gal is too much for even LT methinks!

20-03-15, 17:57
Just be cautious you don't copy what seems to be popular at the moment, which is 'Inspiration Porn'.

If you want thought provoking images then I'd say they need to be 'out of context'

This project might be of interest to some of the members of the Outsiders Club.. www.outsiders.org.uk for contact details

I remember attending the Models of Diversity launch with my then partner who also did modeling. Things did kick off a bit since then so I'm sure you'll find some people:)

20-03-15, 21:05
Thank you all so much for your input, it's greatly appreciated.
Showing the positives is exactly what I'd do, but alongside the negative thoughts that people have. For example, I would show the thought of inability to achieve sporting greatness alongside someone who is succeeding.
It's all very much in the initial stages but once it's out there, I'll definitely share the link!
So much respect for all those models and they look AMAZING!!
I'll definitely get in touch with Outsiders Club. It's exactly what I'm looking for, so thank you!!

20-03-15, 22:52
Just to mention, replies from Outsiders may be a little slow so persevere. Its running on somewhat of a skeleton of organisation at the moment I think:)