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16-03-15, 13:24

My name is Tajinder Chaudhry. I have been working in the Travel and Tourism industry for more than 15 years.

I'm a carer to my grandmother who loves to travel has recently become wheelchair bound. Despite of my 15 Years experience and contacts in the travel and tourism industry, I have faced difficulties in making travel arrangements for her holidays. I found that the limited choices available in the market are quite expensive, and fail to meet all special needs requirements. And I wondered if other carers or special needs travellers may have faced similar challenges ?

Travelling for the purpose of relaxation and having a good time is as much a human right for a disabled person as it is for a non-disabled person. Using my 15 years experience and contacts in travel and tourism industry, I am developing specialized affordable holidays for people with special needs.

To put these packages together, I would like your help in understanding —
* What methods you use to choose and search for your holidays? And if you prefer travelling within UK or abroad?
* What are your or your companion’s essential requirements while on a holidays ?

If you have already been, or thinking of going on a holiday, and can share your requirements, experiences and challenges to help me build appropriate holidays which meets real needs and solve actual problems, it will be appreciated.

You can reply on this forum or you may contact me directly on tajch12345@gmail.com if you wish to help me out in this.

I would love to keep you all updated of my progress and development on this research.

16-03-15, 14:13
I travel both National and International.

I prefer a high bed easier to get in and out. Walk in shower with seat.

While I'm on holiday like to be able to rent/hire either an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Prefer flat areas with no steps, if there are steps depends on the length can manage as long as once I'm there I have an hour or two to sit and recover.

To be honest not had a holiday now in a few years though one place I do like to go to is Grand Cayman - it is a relatively flat island, very few steps with gorgeous scenic views. As it is such a small island - happy with driving to a location without the need for mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Just recently been pricing up a holiday to Vancouver, have family there and not been for years so looking at hotels, hire of equipment etc.