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11-03-15, 16:20
Hi Folks

Just wondering if anyone would know where i stand with this please, I work 30 hour per week.
14months ago I requested that I do the 30 hours over 4 days as this would give me some time in between days to "recover" I suffer Fybromyalgia and Arthritis in various joints. This was accepted and so for the last 14 months i have been doing 4 days and occasionally 5 days if short staffed. At the same time we got a new manager and he does the shifts rather oddly, ie: 12-8pm then next day 7am- 3pm, I have pointed out that when he does this I cannot take my night medication as I can still be too drowsy to drive my car to work, if i dont take it i dont sleep as pain becomes to much, however I dont mind the odd time but have said to him repeatedly about this yet he continues to do it.

Now he has put me back on 5 days a week and when i said about our written agreement he said there was no written agreement, err hello so why have i been doing 4 days then???
also twice per week he has me on till 8pm and starting again at 7am next morning, he is gonna end up making me ill and cause me to be in a lot of pain.
What i want to know is where i stand on this, do i have any rights to request he does not do this with me being "disabled" and need to take my medication at night
If anyone can answer it would be greatly appriciated

31-03-15, 17:57
Hi xxxshonaxxx would it be possible for you to request a 16 hr contract? If you are claiming tax credits? with u working the 30 hrs (if your contracted) if you have a disability you do only have to work 16 hrs to still receive WTC.

If this is not possible if I was you I would contact ACAS ( is an independent and impartial organisation that dies not side with a particular party, but rather will help the parties to reach suitable resolutions in a dispute ) on 0300 123 1100 (8am-8pm mon to Fri ) 9am to 1pm on sat. You can have a look on line also they have an A to Z of employment law and ways to go about problems with employers. They are very good.
You could always contact ACAS first even with regards to your 16 hr approach first. Wishing you well let me know how you get on min x