View Full Version : Spring Has sprung

02-03-15, 11:53
Its official, the frogs are having their annual orgy, most of the crocus's and snowdrops are in full bloom, the roses and just about everything else is budding.

But still a harsh cold wind out there..!

Bring on the sunshine!

02-03-15, 14:33
On and off, we've had a lovely sunny South Wales. Bulbs are springing up everywhere :) yay yay.

02-03-15, 15:22
We have had snow that has not settled, rain, sun and strong very cold wind.

03-03-15, 08:19
The weather here has been quite freaky, I think we have had everything except a Tornado!!!!

But, my snowdrops have been out for a couple of weeks now, also an African Violet is already flowering. The shrubs are budding and the grass is desperate for a trim.

Spring is my favourite season. I love watching everything coming back to life.

24-03-15, 08:41
You can see the froggies doing their throaty song. Pom pom pom...


Froggies in the dark:) You may need to turn the volume up a bit:)

24-03-15, 09:05
My little plot is coming along nicely. My housing association have removed a couple of old rose bushes that did nothing and I have planted 2 new ones. It took me 4 weeks to dig the holes but I got there in the end! Bulbs are coming up - lots of daffs now although quite a few have been lost due to the area being dug up. I have plans for what else is going in there but have to do it bit by bit. Going to a garden centre today hopefully so may buy some plants :)

24-03-15, 09:19
Beautiful here, loving the spring feeling. With my sister's help have also had a little spring clean - Yay. :)

24-03-15, 15:28
I've got a tub of layered bulbs (Monty Don style) doing nicely.. At the moment a mat of yellow crocus with a few snowdrops.. Dutch Iris to follow:)