View Full Version : Disabled parents

23-02-15, 19:49
Any disabled parents on here? I would love to become a mum, but worry about the impact on my health. Has anybody adopted? What are your experiences. Particularly interested in hearing from parents with CP and wheelchair users. Thanks

19-05-15, 07:06
Hi, we adopted last year - send me an email below and I'll tell you more.

28-06-15, 16:59
Hi we are adopting at the moment. We have 1 birth child, the pregnancy and labour caused underlying conditions to become rapidly worse and have left me disabled. Would live another child but the impact to my health would be too great, so we decided to adopt. Our agency agreed to do medicals first and tell us quickly if they were going to decline is due to my health. We've had the go ahead and are in stage 2 now. Happy to chat if you want to PM me.