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02-02-15, 21:33
Good evening Ladies and Gents,

I have been diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis and anxiety disorder 2 years ago. In that time I have had 4 bouts of sickness, one 8 weeks and the others a few days here and there. I have an unblemished work record. I have spoken to my Occupation Health doc and he advised that it would be good to do some flexible working but I have the feeling that my employers are not too keen with the idea. I work as an accountant in a small team of 4 people.

Now there was two options put to me 4/5 working week where I carry out 5 days of my hours over the week and have a Wednesday off for rest as I get affected with bad fatigue and by Wednesday I'm really tired. So having the Wednesday off would be ideal to rejuvenate and work my appointments I have with the various medical professions as much as possible on that day.

Another one is that working from home, I don't feel that this would benefit me as much as I would still have to work the 5 days no matter where that would be.

The questions I have is - could my employer deny me flexible working 5 over 4 days if it was recommended to them by an occupational health doctor?

At the moment I'm on a flare up and I struggle but I go into work but sometimes it feels as if I am a burden since I am running to the toilet 4 or 5 times a day to do a bloody (literally) poo!

I would like anyone who has any experience or comments for me.



02-02-15, 22:38
Flexible working options

- working a 5 day week in 4 days known as compressed hours
- ask to go part-time say 4 days a week
- flexible hours - start between 7.30am and 10am. Finish anytime after 4pm as long as you work 35/37 hours
- job share - work half a week
- work one day a week from home if possible

The employer is duty bound to 'make reasonable adjustments' in the workplace to take account of your disability.

It should be a plan that you all agree - not one that is imposed on you.

If you agree to a shorter working week then that would stick that way for 6/12 months as part of a cotract.

Flexibility is key. You want the best for you that also benefits the company.

03-02-15, 19:43
Thank you for your reply. I do agree that it shouldn't be imposed on me. I guess we will find out shortly...work is getting busier too and hours are beginning to be longer as we have just taken on some new clients so it makes sense that I condense the hours.

I am flexible but I also believe that my health comes first as.



04-02-15, 20:13
Hi Neil

Whereabouts in the UK are you? Not sure what the etiquette is here but mods can delete if i overstep the mark.


This accountancy company is based in Warrington and Poole. They have loads of accountancy jobs available at all levels and actively promote compressed hours, 4 day week etc. The other benefits are great too.

If you cant get what you want from your existing employer, get a new one?!

All the best