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  1. Survey_ICT usage by people with disabilities_please complete.
  2. Social inclusion survey
  3. Major new TV series looking for British holidaymakers
  4. Need contacts (electronic pen pal) for discussion on exceptional education
  5. Disabled car fan needed to Paris Autoshow Research
  6. Proving who you are!
  7. Looking for Pen Pal!
  8. Pen Pal!!
  9. BBC Filming
  10. What is the percentage of US Hospitals Implemented EMR in their Systems?
  11. We are campaigning for better access for wheelchair users
  12. Brand New Channel 4 show is looking for fun families!
  13. Accessible housing- BBC Filming
  14. The pains of using a wheelchair whilst shopping
  15. Interview
  16. discrimination?
  17. Can you help?
  18. Survey for college research! Trying to improve voting! Please answer!
  19. Engineering Team Survey - Wheelchair Related
  20. Wheelchair lifts - Help appreciated!
  21. Automotive Accessibility Questionnaire
  22. A survey for parents/families with children with disabilities
  23. Can you help? Study about disability and bullying
  24. Can you help? Study about disability and bullying
  25. wheelchair cleaning
  26. Disabled volunteers needed for short interview or video call!
  27. Survey on Product Factor_requestfrom_Japan
  28. Improving the festival experience for people with disabilities!
  29. BBC Dragon's Den - pitch for cash to develop your business idea
  30. Disability within the fashion industry and its predujices
  31. Website feedback
  32. Help needed for final year psychology degree research
  33. Need help from Disabled Students for Dissertation!
  34. Fashion and Disability the missing link
  35. BBC Radio 5 Live looking for women to take part in programmes about pregnancy
  36. New bag & accessory range - what would you want?
  37. Disabled trainee counsellor looking to help other disabled people FOR FREE
  38. Access to Sports Survey
  39. PAID interview - Has being overweight made you ill - now you're claiming benefits?
  40. Dispatches Programe CH4 Monday 18/02/13
  41. Research into Mobility scooters - ease of use and safety
  42. Government benefit cuts info and real life stories needed please
  43. Participants required for psychology project.
  44. User testing participants needed - we're paying!
  45. Motor scooter research - please participate!
  46. Customer satisfaction very important!
  47. Direct Payments and Personal Assistants
  48. seeking quotes for article
  49. Research re: accessibility on public transport
  50. 13-30 year olds - Please could you answer a few questions for our college project?
  51. New Sports Magazine for Disabled Men and Women
  52. Kitchen Appliances and tableware products for the disabled and the elderly
  53. Unregulated Personal Assistants
  54. Survey on lingerie for women with limited mobility
  55. New Magazine for Young Women with Physical/Mobility Disabilities
  56. Products and means and ways of keeping hydrated
  57. Research into hydration products and methods
  58. Are you or your friends affected by PIP? Have your questions answered by experts!
  59. Research on spirituality and disability
  60. Research on how physically disabled people and non-disabled people interact
  61. Background Research for Disability Tennis Programme
  62. Market research
  63. Any inspirational women injured in an accident?
  65. PLEASE HELP... Short Questionnaire on Disabled access in higher educational buildings
  66. remember the mods and rockers?
  67. Care and Nursing home articles
  68. Looking for love?
  69. House of Commons Committee want your views on accessibility of public transport
  70. Looking for expectant mums with additional needs
  71. Research on Identity and Interactions with Others
  72. Show That Britain Cares!
  73. Wheelchair-Bus Accessibility Research
  74. Channel 4 - Can Kirstie helps you find your dream home?
  75. Disabled Chefs TV Programme
  76. Seeking insight for Mechanical Engineering design project: difficulties with stairs
  77. Calling all uk parents and grandparents for new tv series
  78. Finding Great Accessible Destinations!
  79. Doctoral research on how people with disabilities manage discrimination
  80. Research on Wheelchair Imorivements
  81. Like or want to get involved in accessible computer gaming?
  82. Questionnaire on clothing and disability - 3rd Year fashion design major project
  83. Disability Survey for New Equipment Design
  84. All-Terrain Wheelchair Design
  85. Use your knowledge and experience - join the Rica Consumer Panel
  87. A Survey About Finding Love for Those Who Are Physically Disabled
  88. Lower limb prosthetics survey
  89. Cleaning products survey
  90. Physical Activity and Social Anxiety
  91. Do you use a mobility scooter?
  92. Help needed for design student!please if you can spare the time...
  93. Makers of One Born every Minute - looking for young disabled mums to be
  94. Short Film Competition
  95. C4 news looking for people suffering long delays with PIP
  96. Assessing major tour operator involvement in the accessible tourism industry
  97. National Mobility Scooter survey
  98. Join the Rica consumer research panel
  99. Student Seeking Participants for Dissertation Research - Yorkshire UK
  100. Lancaster University student seeking answers!
  101. Tennis ball thrower project
  102. Wheelchair-attached stroller
  103. Enabling Personal Transport Design
  104. What do you think about this car?
  105. Mobile Phone Usability Questionnaire for the Visually Impaired
  106. e-Petition to Downing Street to abolish PIP.
  107. London 2012 paralympics
  108. TV company looking to speak with young individuals...
  109. Disability in the media
  110. Documentary looking for extraordinary pregnancies
  111. Information to support those caring for a child with a Learning Disability
  112. We are trying to reduce wrist/arm/shoulder injuries from prolonged wheelchair use
  113. Gamers, share your experiences with me!
  114. How does the media represent disability?
  115. Baby Seat for wheelchair
  116. New wheelchair concept!
  117. What makes a good wheelchair!
  118. Calling powered wheelchair users - national survey - give your views
  119. Research Invitation - Brunel University, London
  120. Survey about the experience you had in hotels in France and/or England
  121. Channel 5 Compensation Claims Advice Series. Are you interested in taking part?
  122. Kitchen Equipment
  123. DT student
  124. Student Troubles
  125. Bathroom Solutions
  126. Deaf and Disable People's views of the Child Protection System.
  127. Stairlift Survey 2014
  128. University of York: share your views on social participation and active citizenship
  129. Rail travel in London: "Turn Up and Go" Survey
  130. Disability Discrimination in UK workplaces - Questionnaire
  131. Looking to speak to a victim of disability hate crime
  132. Specialist disability counselling a support service. Who would use this?
  133. Public transport aid for disabled users
  134. I am thinking of making an educational video
  135. Help with student research
  136. Developing A Sports Wheelchair
  137. Design Project - Create a solution for a disability-based problem.
  138. E-petition enquiry
  139. Select Comitte Enquiry- ESA Sanctions - Evidence Requested.
  140. Wheelchair bag
  141. Report highlights problems facing disabled people in receiving a powered wheelchair
  142. Self-driving cars for disabled motorists
  143. Engineering Student Survey: Automated Trash Device
  144. Clothing
  145. Thoughts on dance for people with visual impairments
  146. Urgent help needed with research into Mandatory Reconsiderations
  147. Clothing
  148. Weight Management for Wheelchair users
  149. Mattresses
  150. 3d printer for people with disability
  151. Accessible Game - Steampunk Neverland!
  152. New website launching soon
  153. Advice on Holidays for disabled and their carers
  154. Research for realisation
  155. Request For Participation In A Research Study On Beliefs About Masculinity And...
  156. Survey to Improve Wheelchair Comfort
  157. BBC research on acquired disability and poverty/financial hardship
  158. Fostering
  159. Hello everybody! I need help for my assigntment..!
  160. Can you spare 20 minutes to help us find out more about child behaviour?
  161. Improving transport for disabled users - Design Student
  162. Research into disability and Christianity
  163. Overcoming loneliness - contributor request for magazine article
  164. BBC One looking for COUPLES for Lottery GAME SHOW
  165. Cyber Bullying and digital technology
  166. Documentary research and participation
  167. Project on improvements on every day DIY tools for the elderly and disabled
  168. Supporting people with physical disabilities in attaining successful employment
  170. Tonic-clonic seizure alarms: your feedback is needed
  171. Looking for answers from people who are blind or visually impaired from birth
  172. New BBC Two Series on technology and disability
  173. Accessible beaches?
  174. Maintaining Independent Living For Persons Living With Sight Loss
  175. Extraordinary Pregnancy - Discovery
  176. Would you like to complete a survey and receive a 10 pound Amazon voucher?
  177. University Assignment - Please Help
  178. Could a dog benefit your condition or disability?
  179. University Inclusive Design Project
  180. Research into the Financial Cost of Disability - Equipment and Extra Expenses
  181. Investigating the experiences of disabled trans individuals.
  182. Have you ever wondered what your clutter could be worth?
  183. Nov 26 Workshop on Accessible Taxi Services
  184. North East Students 18-24 required for legal highs survey, users non users, 100% anon
  185. Just introducing myself
  186. Windows operating system for disabled people
  187. Wheelchair friendly pushchair project
  188. Survey on traveling for people with disabilities
  189. Dispatches Programe CH4 Monday 18/02/13
  190. Like Trip Advisor but with Accessibility Reviews
  191. Experiences of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - Have your say!
  192. Power Wheelchair User Survey
  193. Research Questionnaire request for those with upper limb problems
  194. BBC1's TV show 'Pointless'
  195. WIDENED SCOPE OF RESEARCH - Experiences of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  196. Online Survey On Wheelchair Transfers And Assistive Technologies
  197. Seeking Advice
  198. Paid Market Research
  199. Design for disability
  200. Design for disability
  201. Survey Request
  202. Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting research project
  203. Improving transport access in London for disabled people
  204. Improving transport access in London for disabled people
  205. Do you use crutches? We need your help!
  206. Help needed with assistive mobility device survey!
  207. Government Carers Survey
  208. Disability Sport & Employment
  209. DLF/Shaw Trust survey on claiming PIP
  210. Can you help improve Government Services?
  211. Survey: Cyber-harassment of people with disabilities
  212. Are you up for the challenge?
  213. Designing showers for improved accessibility
  214. Project to assist people with limited mobility
  215. New mobility scooter! Feedback needed ahead of launch
  216. Participants needed for survey on touch and mental health
  217. Is there enough sex education in schools for disabled pupils?
  218. Do you provide support to someone who has lost a limb due to an accident or trauma?
  219. Get paid for your feedback
  220. Join us in making London more accessible to people with mobility restrictions
  221. Exercise Habits Survey
  222. Flat pack wheelchair start-up
  223. New science documentary series about babies is looking for expectant mums
  224. Are you a taxi service for your teens?
  225. Mobility Equipment University Survey
  226. Hello everyone :)
  227. Request for assistance with my survey
  228. Do you ever get to have a bath?
  229. Experiencing accessibility issues in London?
  230. Life after the Independent Living Fund study seeking participants.
  231. Have Your Say: Join Experience Panels and help shape the new Scottish social security
  232. Survey about barriers to Online Learning - UCL Masters student
  233. Help with Survey :) Would/do you use a Health App on your phone? (5 min survey)
  234. Accessible self catering holiday
  235. Help with a survey "Consumers with impairments and disabilities in Fashion Industry"
  236. Game Accessibility Survey
  237. Open University: focus group for blind/partially sighted technology users
  238. The One Show: share your public transport experiences with the BBC
  239. Physical disability, accessibility and public space in London
  240. Are you an unpaid carer? Please participate in my online survey
  241. Blue badge citizen survey
  242. Invitation to take part in a research project.
  243. Research request for partially sighted and blind people.
  244. Looking for people to help with a documentary about Personal Independence Payment
  245. A concept evaluation of a multi-use wheelchair attachment.
  246. If you use a wheelchair, do you have/use another mobility aid?
  247. Planning days out
  248. Wheelchairs and Rain
  249. Assistive technology and enabling employment - Shaw Trust and DLF survey
  250. Anyone wiling to chat with me?